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Holy Celtic Church    Canada

The tithes and donations you make to the Celtic Church in Canada make a difference to our church, our community, and the people we serve. There are various ways you can donate. We pass a collection plate during services and electronic giving is available for 24/7 donations. “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops” (Proverbs 3:9).

Donations pay for free tuition for seminary students without resources.

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Who We Are and What We Do

The Holy Celtic Church in Canada is developing as a collection of monastic, home-based, churches and small parish or community churches. Our calling is to teach while using our resources to help others learn and live a life of faith, letting others use their resources to ornament great cathedrals as they wish. We want to help people and our communities grow, not brick and mortar edifices. We are like-minded people who support the ways of the early Christian church, the preservation of a sacramental and apostolic faith within Celtic heritage and community, as was the Church in the Celtic nations dating back to the first century AD.  We believe what the whole church has believed in all time before the great schisms, without Roman additions or Protestant subtractions even as we support people to follow the denomination to which they feel most called.  We do not expect nor want people to leave their mother church, believing the divisions were created to serve God's purposes in spreading the Word, we merely choose to worship in recognition of our cultural uniqueness, the ways of our ancestors.  Our growth is based in our shared culture, we do not ask anyone to leave their mother denomination.  We seek, ourselves, to focus on what came first before such differences that divided us. We do not argue over Crucifix versus Cross, letting your heart tell you that which calls to you.  Thus, we believe the church belongs in our homes, not in diverse or distant institutions.  Even our liturgical seminary is based in a home, a monastic residence where people can come to re-energize their faith, or to learn the skills needed to run their own home-based church.  We simply do not see the need for spending the tithes of hard-working people on buying or maintaining massive ornate structures because things made with the hands of man cannot match the beauty of God's creation. We believe gold ornamentation and high church spires are a bad use of funds consecrated to serving God's will, when Canadian church attendance is at an all time low, while people are suffering and starving in our streets.  We choose to invest in people, in helping those called to preach and teach to be able to do so.


 Our vision is to bring churches and our faith into our homes and communities instead of distant buildings we visit on Sundays, or once or twice a year, akin to going to a dentist's office.  Christianity is a way of being, not a chore done on special occasions.  We do not intend for each home or parish to fall away from the faith that all Christians have believed in all time, worshipping God as individuals want Him to be, not as He is, according to sins or deviations preferable in an individuals life, the source of all schisms.  Such is what happens when people ordain themselves, lead not according to the teachings that the whole church has believed in all time, but teach that which serves to allow them to worship God as they want Him to be--to falsely justify sins, avoid shame for them, to scoff at kneeling in prayer before God, their very Creator.  Such are the ways of contemporary men and women who seek power and not the ways of the early Christian Church.  So we maintain an episcopate in full apostolic succession, to pass on teachings as Jesus gave them to the apostles.  We emphasize Grace in the sacraments, and sound theological reasoning through distance learning guided by a theologically well educated bishopric. When students are ready for the deaconate or priesthood after distance learning, we offer liturgical training, first via zoom, then in-person at our monastic residence prior to ordination, so they may take that knowledge and experience back to their own homes, and thus grow the church.  Such is our vision. Our goal, God permitting, is bring the church back into our homes where she started.

How we serve

We promote and advance the Christian faith, not institutional denominationalism, but that early faith before the power struggles of men;  we do so through a 3 in one model:  counselling, discernment, and outreach; clergy training; administration of the sacraments.

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Christian counselling, discernment, and outreach

More than counselling people struggling with issues of life and faith, we offer a place to discover if you are truly called to Holy Orders or how you may best serve those in need according to your gifts.   Discover and explore your calling, your gifts.  Click here to get in touch.

Clergy training

For those seeking ordination to the diaconate or the priesthood with the Holy Celtic Church, we offer both onsite and virtual liturgical demonstrations and practical experience.  If you are already clergy, we do not ask you to leave your denomination in order to learn our ways or receive ordination, incardination and  letters of faculty; you are called as you are called.  Let's talk and see if we are a fit with shared beliefs.  Click here for further information about our beliefs from our international church.  On that link you will also find our authority through 40 lines of succession tracing through Polycarp as the earliest church required.  We share Petrine, Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Anglican/Episcopal , Eastern Orthodox and other lines, including lines through such notables as St. Patrick, Samuel Seabury, Thomas Becket, Thomas Cranmer, William Laud, John Morton, William Falconer, John Hopkins, and MANY more.  Authority comes from Jesus through apostolic succession, (John 20: 21-23), denominational differences are based on the schismatic arguments of men with power.  We are concerned with living as Christians, as One in the Spirit, not as divided denominationalists, thus we teach what the whole church believed in all time, starting with the earliest teachings.

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Administration of the Sacraments

We are a full service sacramental ministry in full Apostolic Succession tracing through many lines. We believe in Grace in the Sacraments, that the Lord's Supper is more than a performance done in mere remembrance, but is required as Jesus said, (John 6:51-56).  We believe that without Apostolic succession passed on from Jesus, tracing back through Polycarp who was taught by the Apostles there is no authority, (John 20:21-23; Acts 1:21-26; 1 Cor. 11:2; 2 Thess. 2:15; 1 Tim. 1:6, 4:14, 5:22 and the early church fathers: Clement 1, ((80 AD)); Hegesippus, ((180 AD)); Irenaeus, ((189 AD)); Tertulian, ((200 AD)); Cyprian of Carthage, ((253 AD)); and Augustine, ((397 AD)), by which time the early Celtic Church was well established  with three bishops attending the council of Nicea).  If you believe in Grace in the sacraments, in the need for teaching what was taught to the apostles, and feel called to ministry in the ways of the early church, you are who we were created to serve.  Click here for contact information!

Monastic residence & training centre

We offer everything needed to live and learn: accommodation, meals, full service chapel, experienced instruction, internet access, library, a home like setting.  Contact us to find out more!

Contact Us

1 (780) 934-0456

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