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Who We Are and What We Do

The Celtic Catholic Church in Canada is a  monastic residence and home-based church in communion with other Celtic Christian Churches in North America, much as the early church developed and spread throughout the middle east to the Celtic nations. and was carried by Christian immigrants to North America, Turtle Island to many of our holistic Christian brothers and sister.  By Celtic we do not mean solely a culture based on historic Celtic nation's, like preferring Iron Bru to Coca Cola,  enjoying haggis or bagpipes and kilts, but more a way of being, a spiritual, holistic, love for God, the Creator, and all things visible and invisible of creation.  We believe that since God created all things, as an artist puts something of themselves into their work, so God is in all creation.  If you have a dog, just look into their eyes; if you cannot see them as part of creation, as having the love from creation within them, maybe you are on a different path.  The Celtic church is a holistic, harmonious, way of living in Christ as taught by the earliest church .   We respect the earliest ways passed down from the apostles and while we respect all denominations, we place less emphasis on Roman additions or Protestant subtractions.  Some of us may use both Western orthodox and Liberal Catholic in our liturgies, but it is less about how your express love of God than it is THAT you have it.  At the Celtic Catholic Church, we believe in that holistic way of being, finding God in all we do through prayer and contemplation, but we also believe what the whole church has believed since the early church in the Celtic nations.  Our seminary's calling is to teach the faith while using our resources to help others learn and live a life of faith in light of Celtic holistic and communal ways of being. We are a non-profit charitble organization and do not receive any wages for our work, where any income goes to serving others, whether buy providing free tuition for those who cannot afford it, or through public ministry. We let others use their resources to pay themselves and ornament great cathedrals as they wish. The way of the Brehon Laws was of community cooperation peace and social justice. 

We are one in the spirit, one in the Lord, thus we do not exclude people based on discriminatory groupings--period.  We want to help people and our communities grow in spirit, not to build brick and mortar edifices. We are like-minded people who support the ways of the early Christian church, the preservation of a sacramental and apostolic faith, Apostolic Succession, Grace in the all the sacraments even as only two are deemed necessary for salvation, and we believe the consecrated elements of the Lord's Supper are more than merely symbolic--they are the Body and Blood of Christ as repeated and emphasized in John, chapter 6.  We believe what the whole church has believed in all time before the great schisms.   We do not argue over Crucifix versus Cross, processional cross or monstrance, letting your heart tell you that which calls to you.  We believe the church belongs in our homes, not in diverse or distant institutions, glorifying edifices while there is so much suffering in the world.  We welcome God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, into our homes and lives, preferring such over institutional detachment and occasional visitation; God in our lives, not behind closed doors to be unlocked on special occasions or office hours.

 Christianity is a way of being, not a chore done on special occasions.  Our goal, God permitting, is to bring the church back into our homes and lives where she started--the Church is not a place to go, it is a way to live, the spirit in which we live.

Lines of succession:  Only one line of Apostolic Succession is needed for valid Apostolic Succession. We have more than 40-- known.

Our presiding bishop, Most Revd Daniel Dürrnberger, was consecrated to the episcopate on February 19th, 2022 through consecrating bishops having more than 40 lines of successions from the historic churches of both East and West.  His succession includes that from the Apostle St. Thomas through the Chaldean Catholic succession; from the Apostle St. Peter through the Syrian-Orthodox Antiochian succession and through the Petrine succession via the Roman Catholic Church. Of note to the Celtic Church,  He is 134th in Apostolic Succession from St. Patrick through the early pre-Roman Catholic denominated church in Rome and 66th in Apostolic Succession from Donagh, Archbishop of Dublin, (consecrated 1028). He is also 8th in Apostolic Succession from St. Tugdual-Celtic via Antiochian Succession where Bishop John Nicholas Collins of the Old Roman Catholic Church of Canada consecrated Peter Cockburn Distin of the Holy Celtic Church giving new life to the Celtic Church in Canada.

++Daniel Durrnberger is also 5th in line from Roman Catholic Bishop, (in Botucatu in 1924 and Maura in 1937), Carlos Duarte Costa, who was excommunicated by the Vatican after criticizing its support of the Nazi regime, who then founded the Brazilian National Catholic Church in 1945. There are also Liberal Catholic lines via James Ingall Wedgewood, plus Eastern Orthodox via Syrian Orthodox and Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic churches. 

Please contact us for further information or directions to links for supporting documentation.

How we serve

We promote and advance the Christian faith, not institutional denominationalism, but that early faith before the power struggles of men;  we do so through a 3 in one model:  counselling, discernment, outreach; clergy training; and administration of the sacraments.

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Christian counselling, discernment, and outreach

More than counselling people struggling with issues of life and faith, we offer a place to discover if you are truly called to Holy Orders or how you may best serve those in need according to your gifts.   Discover and explore your calling, your gifts.  Click here to get in touch.

Clergy training

For those seeking ordination to the diaconate or the priesthood with the Celtic Church, we offer both onsite and virtual liturgical demonstrations and practical experience.  Let's talk and see if we are a fit with shared beliefs.   We share Petrine, Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Anglican/Episcopal , Eastern Orthodox and other lines, including lines through such notables as St. Patrick, Samuel Seabury, Thomas Becket, Thomas Cranmer, William Laud, John Morton, William Falconer, John Hopkins, and MANY more.  Our authority comes from Jesus through apostolic succession, (John 20: 21-23) while denominational differences are based on the schismatic arguments of men with power.  We are concerned with living as Christians, as One in the Spirit, not as divided denominationalists, thus we teach what the whole church has believed in all time, starting with the earliest teachings.

Administration of the Sacraments

We are a full service sacramental ministry. We believe in Grace in the Sacraments, that the Lord's Supper is more than a performance done in mere remembrance, but is required as Jesus said, (John 6:51-56).  We believe that without Apostolic succession passed on from Jesus, tracing back through the Apostles there is no authority, (John 20:21-23; Acts 1:21-26; 1 Cor. 11:2; 2 Thess. 2:15; 1 Tim. 1:6, 4:14, 5:22 and the early church fathers: Clement 1, ((80 AD)); Hegesippus, ((180 AD)); Irenaeus, ((189 AD)); Tertulian, ((200 AD)); Cyprian of Carthage, ((253 AD)); and Augustine, ((397 AD)), by which time the early Celtic Church was well established. If you believe in Grace in the sacraments, in the need for teaching what was taught to the apostles, and feel called to ministry in the ways of the early church, you are who we were created to serve.  Click here for contact information!

Monastic residence & training centre

We offer everything needed to live and learn, from distance learning to onsite learning, accommodation, meals, full service chapel, experienced instruction, internet access, library, church supply store, and a home like setting.  Contact us to find out more!

Contact Us

1 (780) 934-0456

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