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Asperwhgatsit?!  Also know as an aspergil for those like me who stumble on the name...or the super soaker when no one is listening, (did I type that out loud?)   While the wand style item costs $75, i would suggest, if you are just getting started, a decorative black or clear basting brush and a nice small glass bowl to hold the holy investment...maybe $10 at Walmart.  This wand doesn't even come with the brass Situla, (Situla--translates as bucket of holy water), of the bigger sets...those sets cost about $500!  I can get a silver one for $250 but we can't have eveything at once, right? Myself, I waited 10 years before buying the big one.  But this small one is VERY handy, fits in front breast pocket, (trust me, don't put it in your back pocket), with a small holy water flask and a paper cup, a pyx, and the crucifix you are wearing around your neck, in a hospital, to give full bed side services to those in need, or other communion services when on the road, (I don't practice exorcisms anymore),  or to people who cannot come to the church.  For that reason, I bought one just like it in my early days. Its quite handy. 


aspergillum (two different styles)

SKU: 0173202
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