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set includes 1 corporal, 2 purificators, and two lavabo towels.  You will still need to get or make a pall, (I suggest about 6.5 inches as a regular size pall). 


As to a pall, maybe make your own:  palls are hidden under chalice veils, no one sees them so its fair to make them yourself out of fresh clean linen. (Sew a 6.5" square pocket on three sides out of a piece of linen leaving a 6.5 inch opening for inserting a clear or white piece of plastic 6.5" square, trim to fit). Turn the linen pocket inside-out so the stitching can't be seen, then insert the plastic square.  The pall needs to be stiff as it sits on top of the paten, that sits on top of the purificator, that sits on top of the chalice.  When in use during preparation and administration of the sacrament, when the stack is open, the pall sits directly on top of the chalic to stop dust, dirt, or other things from falling in--you do NOT want it sagging in--hence, the plastic, not cardboard.  


Celtic altar linen set (second type, five piece)

SKU: 0233202
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