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Candles on the altar, (that show the light of Jesus coming into the world for our salvation, as well has having other symbolic significance for each candle), ordered as two large ones on either end, (about 12"), plus 6 smaller ones, 3 on each side ot the central taberancle/sancutary light (a red light/candle when reserved sacraments are in the ciborium inside the tabernacle).  The taller lights sit on the gospel and epistle sides of the altar, (or stand beside if you can afford the $1,000 plus models).  Thus, 8 candles, (not counting the sanctuary light), are needed for a high mass, (2 tall, 6 shorter).  For a "low" mass, (I don't like that term about "simpler", or "more affordable" mass), only the two taller ones are needed, (gospel and epistle sides).  The set offered here is about the least expensive, yet still ornate, I could find that could be matched up.  The short ones are $99 each, and the tall ones are $199 each.  Personally, I started out by going to flea-markets and Salvation Army stores that sometimes have secondhand brass candle holders for's just hard to match them up.  But if you can afford it, the set above would work out to $1,000 for a high mass set, $400 if you only want the low mass set.


Brass matching candles stands

SKU: 0133202
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