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Jesus Savior of Humanity, (IHS, Latin), whose name shoud be on a preachers lips when giving a sermon...not the preacher's own name.  IHS is known as the Christogram, the first three letters of the Greek name of Jesus.It also reminds us of His name go, (In Hoc Signo Vinces--also translated as "in this sign shalt thou conquer").


Scarf has a pocket for bar on one end to hold it on the lectern, else velcro it as I have done before...until I just put a bible on it and never lifted the bible off the lectern! Kinda keeps the Good Book right there in front of the sermonizer because thats where the lessons are that we are supposed to be preaching about! 


Specify colour!!! just need white or gold to start, preferably white.  You can buy others according to the season that's approaching!  Spread it out, don't try to build a temple in a day!


Pulpit Scarf...4 colour choices (aka lectern hanger)

SKU: 0053202
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