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 4 chain, hand made, brass, heavy...not one of those tiny light things that barely get smoke going, where you have to use tiny charcoal that doesn't stay lit, and looks and feel so awkward!  NOT plated gold that fades, wears, or cooks off, its brass.  10.5 inches high hanging height 44 inches.  Its even a little bigger than the one you see me using in the videos...though that is changing very quickly!  Yes, I can get you a little one at half the price, but you'll be buying another one soon thereafter.  Cheaper does not mean sometimes just means its cheap. But if you still want cheap...I can get you one of those instead...about $65...but don't say I didn't tell you so!


Thurible...aka, censer (no, not facebook) aka the smokey swingy thingy

SKU: 0183202
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